About Us

     When Sharynne started making gingham personalized pillows and quilts, she was a former public school art teacher with a new baby girl and a two-year-old son. She wanted something special for her daughter and made a soft pastel patchwork quilt with a very big white eyelet ruffle all around it. Her son saw her sewing the quilt for the new baby and she naturally had to make one for him too. Instead of the ruffle, she made his name out of big gingham letters and appliqued them on a bright colored gingham patchwork quilt.  That led to gingham name pillows also.

     People who saw the items wanted them for their babies and gifts. Soon they were in a few local stores and then Saks Fifth Avenue ordered samples for 19 of their stores. By this time Sharynne had another baby and a couple of friends sewing for her.  The quilts and pillows were sold exclusively in the children's department of Saks Fifth Avenue stores all over the country for over 10 years.
     The business has continued to grow by word of mouth and now on the web.  People who received them as children have now ordered them for their children. Parents who ordered them for their children now order new ones for their college rooms and their own grandchildren. There are endless stories about children and adults who sleep with the pillow, who won't travel without their pillow and have retrieved  lost pillows!  Some parents even hang them on the wall in the child's room.
     It is a gift that isn't out grown and is treasured over the years.  Everyone seems to be delighted to receive a pillow with their own name on it and the gift giver is delighted with the immediate response from the recipient --- and the continued appreciation over the years.